Fanlistings Up For Adoption

The Rules

  • My lists are in Enthusiast format, please make sure you know how to convert if you run yours on a different script, or at least be willing to add them manually.
  • "URL(s)" means that you have to give me examples of your sites so that I can see you know html - online profiles do NOT count.
  • Please credit me as the previous owner
  • Please keep all members and affiliates and be sure to notify them all of the change of URL
  • You may use my codes and layout (and any extra content) but please credit me for each
  • Please have the listing up and running within 3 weeks
  • If you ever decide that you no longer wish to keep the listing, you must ask me first before adopting it out or closing it incase I would like it back.
  • Up for Adoption

    None at this time.