All the nitty gritty information you never realised you needed to know about our S.T.A.R.S. extraordinaire. Detailing just who he is, what he does, who he gets along with, where to find him, what he looks like, various interpretations of him, the whole shebang, it's all here.

The Man

» biography ; basic info, his personality, descriptions etc
» history ; a rundown of Chris' life as we know it
» quotes ; classic lines from the mouth of Chris
» costume ; info on his style of clothing
» physical appearance ; his ever changing physical appearance
» relationships ; how he gets along with others
» trademarks ; what he's famous for
» wikipedia profile ; what the wiki has to say
» trivia ; random tidbits

The Extras

» appearance list ; where you can find Chris
» files ; in-game file mentions
» game secrets ; how to unlock battle games, extra costumes etc
» battle games ; info on the battle games he takes part in
» voice actors ; those men who give him his voice
» merchandise ; so you can have your very own Chris
» name ; information on the meanings behind his name

The Info

» games ; info on the games
» novels ; info on the novels
» comics ; info on the comics
» movies ; info on the scrapped Romero movie
» guide books ; info on the guide books
» opinions ; my thoughts on various matters