Here you'll find info on the different games Jill appears in. Although she appears in some form or another (file mentions) in almost every Resident Evil game, this section will only list the games where she is a playable character.

Resident Evil

Title: Biohazard / Resident Evil
Released: 1996
Company: Capcom
System: Playstation, Sega Saturn, PC
Playables: Chris Redfield / Jill Valentine
Website: None

The game that started it all. Resident Evil, or these days referred to as Resident Evil Classic (due to the later remake). Jill is one of the two main playable characters, the other being Chris Redfield. Both games are practically identical, except for your 'partner'. Jill is aided by Barry Burton while Chris meets up with Rebecca, Bravo Team medic during the game.

Resident Evil tells the tale of the R.P.D. S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team, investigating the apparent loss of Bravo Team in the woods outside Raccoon City. When they arrive they quickly realise that something is amiss, as they discover the grisly remains of the Bravo helicopter, and what's left of its pilot. Attacked by zombie dogs, the team take cover in the nearby Spencer Mansion, and soon it becomes a fight just to survive. While investigating the estate the horrible truth is soon revealed, and it starts to dawn on them that one of their own team members may not be fighting on the same side anymore.

Jill's game is considered by most to be the easier game, but at the end of the day the differences aren't that huge. The graphics, while state of the art at the time, are pretty average by today's standards - very blocky and not a whole lot of detail. The opening and closing scenes are live action, and the game has some of the cheesiest, awful dialogue of any game in recent memory (which is why many love it). It is often credited with jump starting the Survival Horror genre, and is a true classic.

Classic Classic

Resident Evil 3

Biohazard 3
Title: Biohazard 3 / Resident Evil 3
Released: 1999
Company: Capcom
System: Playstation, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PC
Playables: Jill Valentine
Website: Here

Resident Evil 3 picks up a few weeks after Resident Evil 1 finishes, (and slightly confusingly before Resident Evil 2). It tells the story of the T-Virus which has since spread to Raccoon City itself with Jill Valentine trying to escape. Once again it is a fight to survive, not only against the zombies that stalk the streets, but Umbrella's new creatures that go bump in the night.

Unfortunately a new Umbrella weapon in the form of Nemesis has been sent to destroy the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members and relentlessly pursues Jill throughout the entire game. Luckily Jill is assisted by a U.B.C.S. member, Carlos Oliveira who helps Jill escape the city in time before it is wiped off the face of the map.

Graphics wise it is a huge step up from RE Classic although still quite blocky but of course we get to see Jill in her mini skirt and boob tube ensemble which is an added bonus.

Nemesis Nemesis

Resident Evil Remake

Title: Biohazard / Resident Evil
Released: 2002
Company: Capcom
System: Gamecube
Playables: Chris Redfield / Jill Valentine
Website: Here

With the first Resident Evil game nearly 10 years old and badly showing its age against newer systems, it was decided to totally remake the game from scratch for the powerful Gamecube console. The result? Quite possibly the most realistic, beautiful, horrifying game of our time. While it remains faithful to the first game, some things were changed and added, to keep the game fresh for existing fans and interesting for new ones. This game is a must for any Jill fan, and really has to be seen to be believed.

REmake REmake

Resident Evil Deadly Silence

Deadly Silence
Title: Resident Evil Deadly Silence
Released: 2006
Company: Capcom
System: Nintendo DS
Playables: Chris Redfield / Jill Valentine
Website: Here

Once again we are thrown back into Spencer Mansion for yet another version of the game which started it all. There was an air of disappointment among fans who had hoped that with the new Nintendo DS console there would also be a NEW Resident Evil game but instead we were treated with a trip down memory lane in the form of Deadly Silence.

Now before you start thinking that there is absolutely no reason to buy this you might want to reconsider - yes it is a port of the classic Resident Evil game but there is a twist!! With the help of the console's handy stylus and microphone - you have to get "hands on" by solving new puzzles and get up close and personal with the enemy by slashing away at them.

As I said, the story is the same but the fun interaction makes all the difference and lets not forget the fact that being on a handheld console you can take it with you wherever you go!! It's like having Jill Valentine in your pocket ;)

Deadly Silence Deadly Silence

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

Umbrella Chronicles
Title: Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles
Released: 2007
Company: Capcom
System: Nintendo Wii
Playables: Billy Coen / Rebecca Chambers / Albert Wesker / Chris Redfield / Jill Valentine / Carlos Oliveira / Ada Wong / Hunk
Website: Here

The Umbrella Chronicles takes us back to Raccoon City and attempts to fill in the "plot holes" from Resident Evil 0, 1 and 3 plus gives us a new scenario highlighting the downfall of Umbrella.

Jill is one of the many playable characters and can be seen in scenario 2 which takes us back to the Spencer Mansion, scenario 3 which takes us back to Raccoon City and scenario 4 which takes place in Umbrella's secret Russian facility. The game is first person shooter and although the "on rails" movement is a first for the Resident Evil series it doesn't take too long to get used to.

The Mansion scenario is really nothing new, same place, same enemies, same boss fights. The Raccoon City scenario lets us explore the city a bit more and we even get a taste of RE: Outbreak being able to follow similar routes. The Russian facility scenario is worth getting this for alone. It tells the story of after the Raccoon incident when Jill and Chris reunite to take Umbrella down once and for all - new location, more enemies than you can shake a stick at (or a TMP) and a couple of new characters for you. Fantastic graphics and it goes without saying that it's always a treat to watch Jill kick some ass ;)

Umbrella Chronicles Umbrella Chronicles