An account of Jill's life from the mansion incident up until escaping Raccoon City.

The Blood-Stained Mansion

That's right. I entered that nightmarish research facility under the direction of Captain Albert Wesker. Joseph was taken by a pack of crazy dogs... It was too much, too fast. But I vividly remember my feet being frozen to the ground for a moment. Everyone fell into a panic and I was separated from Chris in the mad dash for the mansion. And then...

A shot rang out in the dark. I headed toward the source of the sound along with Barry Burton. I still can't believe the sight that awaited me. It was right there in front of me, this creature hunched over a human body, chewing ravenously on its flesh. Its trophy was none other than Bravo Team's Kenneth J Sullivan. When I came to my senses I fired all the shots I had at the monster. However, even firing at close range had no effect. If I stayed there, I'd be killed!

The Battle With Fear

I ran back into the dining hall and was saved by Barry's fast reflexes. Even though we were shaken up at the sight of this unimaginable creature, Barry and I returned to the rendezvous point in the main hall. However, there was no sign of Wesker. We had to act on our own judgment.

The inside of the mansion, built over many acres, was locked with emblem-engraved keys. And with deliberate traps at seemingly every turn, the mansion had been turned into a giant labyrinth. In the beginning, I had only the map I found in the exhibition room and the lockpick given to me by Barry to rely on in my investigation. As I widened my search area from the first floor to the graveyard and then the second, my fear of these "living dead" began to dissipate within me. Perhaps it was the desire to help my friends that kept me free from succumbing to my fear.

Hints Of A Conspiracy

My Beretta wasn't enough to deal with so many enemies, so I soon made use of the shotgun I'd found. (I thought I was dead when I found this gun in the parlour). If Barry hadn't been there, I definitely would have been flattened by the collapsing ceiling. Armed with a more powerful weapon, I continued my search, conserving ammunition as best I could. I had to survive and get my friends out of this real-life haunted mansion...

I remember chills running down my spine when I read a journal left behind by one of the breeders. It talked about how men had gradually lost their humanity and turned into something monstrous. Now I understood that these zombies were actually mutated humans. That vicious plant from the greenhouse seemed to have been the result of some sort of experiment as well. Once I knew this, I felt that it was my duty to uncover what caused all of this as fast as possible. It was my duty as a member of S.T.A.R.S.... no, even more so, as a human being.

The Giant Snake's Sneer

Noticing the score for Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" scattered, I realized that the piano keys right there held a secret. I played the piano, and sure enough, a hidden room appeared from a wall in the corner that held a clue as to what was going on. Who made all of these ridiculous devices, and what was their purpose? I found a note in the room, telling the tragic story of a man who was imprisoned by someone referred to as Sir Spencer. I had the feeling that he never made it out of the mansion.

Sensing a horrific conspiracy, I used the emblem I found with the note, and came upon another key. Then, just when I started to get further along in my research, I encountered an even greater threat in the attic. It was a venomous snake, big enough to swallow a human whole. Normally I would have shrieked, but I was able to put away my fear and face the serpent.

The T-Virus Menace

After I passed through the courtyard, I found myself at a dormitory behind the mansion. This was where the researchers working at the mansion resided. However, those researchers who stained their hands with the evil research perished by their own hands. The T-virus they experimented with here was somehow released, and it spread instantly throughout the area surrounding the mansion. The ecosystem broke down. It was like the natural food chain was reversed, with all creatures becoming predators of mankind. The virus spread with far greater speed and was far more powerful than even the scientists had predicted.

If you ask me, the scientists got what they asked for. Afterall, they were the ones who caused all of this trouble...

I walked down the hallway, my anger now directed at the scientists. Then, from Room 002, I heard a voice. "What about my family?" The voice belonged to Barry, who was continuing his investigation separately.

Suspicions Of Barry

"Destroy S.T.A.R.S." I burst into the room in shock at these words. But Barry was the only one there. When I asked him what was wrong, he only blew me off with suspicious sounding answers. Something was going on. He was desperately trying to hide something. Making a mental note of my suspicions about him, I let my investigation carry me to an underground facility.

I managed to obtain yet another key, despite being attacked by a huge shark in the tank. I was now able to make the V-Jolt drug. According to the experiment file, this would fend off the creature called Plant 42 that had its roots spreading throughout the dormitory. However, the plant that I thought would be weakened by the chemical was still more alive enough to attack me. Would I die here...?

I had given up hope, and as my voice rang out, the creature was engulfed in a blast of fire from a flamethrower. It was Barry. I was saved once again, thanks to him.

The Silencing Bullet

I shut the floodgate and proceeded to go behind the waterfall to a tunnel like cave. The inside of the cave was furnished with new lighting fixtures. This meant that someone had passed through here recently. I knew many secrets must have been hidden there too. My wits, sharpened by the investigation of the mansion thus far, led me deep into the cave. That's when I ran into someone unexpected.

"Jill, are you alone?" It was the voice of Bravo Team's Captain Enrico Marini. As soon as I saw him, he started to tell me the shocking truth. However, just as he was about to get to the heart of the matter, a bullet passed through his vital organs. The shooter had been watching behind me, waiting for his chance. If only I had noticed...I was filled with grief, but Enrico's final words broke through my despair. "There's a traitor in S.T.A.R.S."

Well Laid Trap

Enrico told me just before he died that Umbrella was involved in this incident. There was a spy in S.T.A.R.S. that let Umbrella pull the strings behind the scenes. I had to reevaluate the situation I was in.

When I thought about it, it was all too perfect. Deep inside this huge Raccoon Forest, we were led so conveniently right into the mansion. These monsters that keep getting stronger are like assassins being sent by someone to do us in. And then there was the T-virus. The only group that had the financial means to build a research facility of this scale was the Umbrella Corporation. Behind the scenes, the corporation did their research here and developed B.O.W. Then, for a final touch, they used a spy and led us here. They had to put their creations up against battle-hardened pros to obtain expansive combat data...

The Cunning Fox

Below the old mansion was a laboratory: the Arklay Research Facility. The underground facility, disguised as a mansion, was the forefront of Umbrella's viral research. I was easily able to piece together the whole story of their research from the data left behind. Then I came across a clue that finally swept away all of my suspicions.

Albert Wesker. Behind his guise as the S.T.A.R.S. leader, Wesker was really a former research consultant for Umbrella. He lured us into the mansion and planned to use us as part of the experiments himself!

Filled with blinding rage, I focused first on collecting proof. After scuffles with powerful security measures, fighting with mutated creatures, and transporting a nitro compound, it all finally came together. It was all part of finding the truth. I would pull off Wesker's mask, so that my friends won't have died in vain. I set my mind to tracking down the double-crosser.

Escape From Despair

I was held at gunpoint by Barry inside the cultivation chamber containing carefully arranged capsules. In order to keep his family alive, Barry was forced to cooperate. Right in front of my eyes, Wesker, the despicable puppet-master, smiled triumphantly. "Let me show you something." He used the computer terminal to awaken the abominable ultimate fighting machine: Code number T-002 Tyrant. But something was wrong! The giant, disobeying orders, sunk its sharp claws into Wesker...

Brad Vickers called an end to the battle when he dropped a rocket launcher from the helicopter. With the single rocket, the monster's body was blown to pieces. With the destruction of the rampaging tyrant who had killed the man who created it, the long investigation had finally come to an end.

I regret not being able to bring Wesker to trial for his crimes, but at least I was able to save my friends, including Chris. There were four of us left. While we watched the research facility go up in a huge explosion set by the self-destruct device, we rejoiced the end of our long nightmare.

Last Escape

The Beginning Of The Demise

It was all too late. The former citizens of the city were now mindlessly wandering its streets, searching for blood and flesh, not even knowing why they were doing so. Raccoon City, which had now become just another piece of property in Umbrella's pocket, was awaiting a destiny from which there was no escape. Jill Valentine found herself filled with regret. The virus now sweeping through Raccoon City must have come from Umbrella's secret underground research complex, where Jill had been conducting a private investigation on her own for some time now. Now that it had come to this, there was no choice but to leave the city as quickly as possible and head for Europe to meet up with Chris Redfield and the other S.T.A.R.S. members. Armed with her gun, the S.T.A.R.S. special issue Samurai Edge, she headed for the outskirts of town.

She hated to admit it, but now the only hope she had was to get out of there alive.

Once Her Saviour

At long last, the night of screams and chaos gave way to daylight. The sporadic gunfire alerted her to the presence of other survivors.

Upon finding an uptown warehouse and running inside to use it for temporary shelter, Jill came across another survivor with the same idea, by the name of Dario Rosso. Jill urged him to hurry and leave the city, but he was overcome with hysterics and couldn't move. He'd witnessed his own daughter being eaten alive by zombies. But even if the two of them did hole up here, they'd only be wasting precious time. Leaving Rosso to hide there, Jill headed outside. If I head for the police station, she thought, I should be able to find some decent weaponry. Maybe I can even find some survivors from the police force who know how to use them.

Along the way, she had an impromptu reunion with another S.T.A.R.S. member, Brad Vickers, at a bar called 'Jack'. Not quite as strong of heart as Chris, nevertheless he did help save them from the hell at Arklay. No matter how you sliced it, Jill owed him her life. But something had Brad so frightened that he ended up dashing out of the bar without even listening to what Jill had to say.

"I never should have joined S.T.A.R.S.!"

The Black-Clad Pursuer

Entering the police station via its front gate, Jill was taken aback at how eerily quiet it was. It might be better to just give up hope of finding any survivors here...

At that moment, Brad came running through the front gate after her.

"Jill...Jill, help me!"

Behind Brad, a giant monster wearing a long black overcoat appeared. The giant picked up Brad with one hand and plunged an incredibly sharp tentacle into his face. The creature reminded her of the disgusting humanoid weapon she and Chris had seen two months earlier during the Mansion Incident: Tyrant. And in addition to the usual groans, the thing also growled out the name "S.T.A.R.S."

Seeing Brad's corpse, which had been flung aside like a small doll, Jill was filled with anger. But her small remaining sliver of calm informed her that this was not an opponent she could defeat with the weapons she currently had. For now, Jill had to escape disaster by running into the police station and slamming the door shut behind her... but the strange creature's stubborn pursuit of her had only just begun.

The Police Station

There was no one inside the station, other than flesh-eating zombies who had once been her friends and colleagues...

Picking up her faithful lockpick from the second floor S.T.A.R.S. office, she used it to find a grenade launcher in one of the lockers. Just when she was about to leave the office, she heard a police radio on a nearby desk. The voice on the other end belonged to a man named Carlos who was seeking backup. So there were still survivors somewhere in the city... Jill inwardly cursed her broken radio and her inability to fulfil his request.

As soon as she went back downstairs, something broke through a window and invaded the station. It was the black-clad pursuer, wielding a large rocket launcher. So he even has the knowledge to handle weaponry... I can't let myself die yet. Jill quickly left the station behind her.

Contact With A Survivor

Upon arriving in downtown, she heard the bang of a small automatic pistol nearby. No doubt another survivor fending for his life. She tracked the sounds to a nearby restaurant, but upon entering, she found no trace of anyone living. On one of the tables lay a pamphlet containing comments written by the mayor of Raccoon City. Not even a baby would trust the words of a lowlife politician who sold his very soul to a corporation like Umbrella.

She heard a noise behind her. Turning around, she saw a young soldier clothed in military gear she didn't recognize. Just as the soldier began talking to Jill, they both heard an unsettling groaning noise drawing near. As persistant as ever, the black-clad pursuer once again appeared before Jill.

Jill and the soldier escaped underground, but immediately the drains began to flow and water began to fill the basement. At this rate, they'd both drown. Spotting a ventilation shaft in the wall, Jill and the soldier cooperated and were both able to escape a watery death.


The soldier's name was Carlos Oliveira. He explained that he was a mercenary, hired to be part of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. He told Jill that his duty was to help rescue the citizens of Raccoon City, but Jill, who had seen Umbrella's true, horrific identity revealed during the Mansion Incident two months previously, though it sounded too convenient to be believable.

But then, Carlos made an unexpected suggestion. "If we want to leave this city alive," he said, "we should cooperate on our escape. If you agree, come to the streetcar by City Hall." After saying that, he left without another word.

Jill still wasn't sure how much she could trust this mercenary or his suggestion. But after some brief consideration, she felt that it might not be such a bad idea to gamble on him, considering she was able to escape the flooded basement with his help.

The Mercenaries

Inside the streetcar lay a man with a large, painful-looking wound in his stomach. It was the leader of the U.B.C.S. Mikhail Victor. He clearly had fought many hard-won battles to make it to that point. The wound was deep, however, and there was no way to administer first aid with the materials they had at hand. But despite that, it appeared that Victor's greatest source of pain was not the wound, but the fact that he had been unable to protect his squad.

Carlos and another U.B.C.S. squad member, Nicholai Ginovaef, were in the front car. Upon hearing that Jill was a S.T.A.R.S. member, Nicholai immediately expressed reluctance at cooperating with her. But eventually, he agreed to help carry out a plan to escape from the city in the streetcar.

Nicholai's Final Moments

Jill headed to a nearby gas station to procure some necessary materials to get the streetcar moving. She tried to use a rusty crank as a handle to open a window, but it broke before she could get the window open. Fortunately, she was able to use a wrench to pry open the window's shutter at its base and make her way inside. Nicholai, who came in after her, headed for the back garage.

Upon finding some machine oil behind the register, Jill heard an explosion coming from the garage. She tried to go help Nicholai, but the flames were too much for her. It was all she could do to escape from the station. There was no way anyone could survive those flames...

Burying A Friend

After acquiring a fuse they could use in the transformer substation, they headed for the main office of an uptown pharmaceutical manufacturer. Upon entering, Carlos soon stopped dead in his tracks. Following his line of sight, they saw a young soldier clearly infected with the virus that had turned the city into Hell. The soldier begged Carlos to shoot and kill him before he became a zombie. Carlos shook his head and answered, "Stop it, Murphy! There's no way I can shoot you!"

All of a sudden, the pleas emerging from Murphy's mouth came to a halt, and he emitted a low, guttural groan. Carlos, turning his eyes away from the slowly approaching former soldier, fired his M4 repeatedly into its face.

Jill tried to say something to him, but a visibly shaken Carlos simply ran out of the building before she could utter a single word.

No More Holing Up

At long last, the streetcar was fixed. Now they just needed to round up all the other survivors and leave the city as quickly as they could. Jill went back to see Dario Rosso, who had holed himself up in the warehouse. This time I'll be sure to take him back, she thought, even if I have to drag him there...

But once she set foot inside the warehouse, she found out that there was no longer a need to do so. At the feet of the zombies who had already infiltrated the warehouse lay the body of what used to be Dario Rosso.

The Subterranean Monster

On the way back to the streetcar, that monster who looked just like Tyrant appeared before her yet again. There's no way I can beat it in a fair fight. She quickly dodged underneath its arm and hurried along her path, but a sudden earthquake shook her off her footing and plunged her down into an underground tunnel. While she searched for a ladder to climb back up to the surface, a gigantic monster came crashing through a nearby wall to attack her. Evading the poisonous liquid it coughed up, Jill somehow managed to crawl her way back to the surface. Catching her breath, Jill tried to contain her fright and anger at the creature. I have to get out of here. No matter what, I have to get out of this city...

A Supreme Death

Meeting back up with Carlos in the streetcar, it was clear that while he hadn't completely recovered from his shock, he had now gotten his act together and was able to assess the situation calmly. Upon hearing that Nicholai had died in the gas station fire, he wasted no time in starting up the streetcar and moving them along their way.

But then, they suddenly heard Mikhail's loud screams from the rear car. Looking back, they saw that the pursuing monster had followed them inside the car. Jill aimed and fired, but saw that it was having no effect whatsoever. Mikhail ordered Jill and Carlos to run, and then fired his entire M4 magazine at the monster, temporarily halting it in its tracks. But soon he ran out of bullets and was knocked to the floor by the creature's gigantic arm. It extended its tentacle to deliver the finishing blow. But instead of cowering, Mikhail only smiled boldly and produced a hand grenade. With the last of his strength, he pulled out the pin.

Hearing the explosion from the front car, Jill and Carlos quickly figured out what had happened. Mikhail had bravely sacrificed himself in order to protect them. But then, without even a moment to absorb the situation, they realized the streetcar they were driving had stopped responding to their commands. Jill threw the emergency brake in an attempt to stop it from going out of control, but it was too late. The car continued along its main street path and ended up slamming into the side of the city clock tower.

Fight To The Death At The Clock Tower

The clock tower's bell, which Jill and Carlos had previously agreed to use as the signal for the remaining members of the U.B.C.S. to escape, rang out in the dark. And right on schedule, the U.B.C.S. helicopter's blades could now be heard whirring away above them.

We're saved... But just when Jill had begun to breathe a sigh of relief, the helicopter burst into flames. The black-clad monstrous pursuer had shot it down with the rocket launcher it was carrying. It then turned its sights towards Jill and aimed the launcher. At that moment, Carlos came running up behind the creature. He managed to drive it back temporarily, but not before the creature had attacked Jill with its tentacle, causing her to collapse on the street. As her consciousness began to fade away, Jill began quivering with fear. There was no mistake. She was now infected with the T-virus...

Seeking The Vaccine

Carlos was in the hospital to the rear of the clock tower. There must be a vaccine here that can help save Jill. I can't allow myself to give up without a fight. The sight of both Murphy, who he had been unable to help, and Mikhail, who bravely fought so that he and Jill could survive, had been firmly burned into Carlos's brain. I can't let anyone else die, he thought.

Entering the underground laboratory, he came across another U.B.C.S. member, Tyrell Patrick. Turning his back on Carlos, Tyrell worked on opening the wall safe in front of him, all the while telling Carlos about an "observer" who had been collecting information on both Raccoon City's infection and the U.B.C.S.'s battle data. He told Carlos about the presence of a silver-haired man who would go to such great lengths to keep that information for himself that he would attack his fellow soldiers for the purpose of collecting it.

Tyrell opened the safe, which then began to flash dangerously. Carlos's reflexes enabled him to leap to safety in time to avoid the explosion, but Tyrell was not so lucky. It was a fitting booby trap for any soldiers who wanted to take advantage of the confusion to line their own pockets. Was this also the work of Nicholai, the silver-haired man Tyrell had spoken of? Searching the room once again, Carlos discovered some documents that had been left there by the lab workers. As he read through them, his eyes began to regain some of their old glimmer. They had been working on a vaccine for the virus in this hospital!

The Observer

Thanks to Carlos, Jill's life had been spared. Now she was searching for an escape route by investigating the small shack near the park graveyard. No sooner had she discovered a secret room when she came across several documents scattered around it. One in particular looked more valuable than the others.

The black-clad creature was known as Nemesis, and it was a biological life-form weapon sent for one purpose and one purpose only: to wipe out every remaining member of S.T.A.R.S. At long last, Jill understood what Nicholai meant when he told her it was dangerous. As one of the participants in the Mansion Incident, Jill had unwittingly been turned into a guinea pig for the purpose of trying out Nemesis's capabilities.

She left the room and found Nicholai standing outside, waiting for her. He had survived afterall. He told her how he had a different mission from all the other soldiers. As an Observer, his true purpose there was to report to the Umbrella Corporation the extent of the damage that unleashing the virus had done to Raccoon City. He had never had any intention of cooperating with Jill and the others in their escape.

At that moment, they heard a loud rumbling outside, and Nicholai rushed out to see what it was. Jill followed him out, only to find that the giant monster from underground had made its way to the surface and was now attacking them. While fending the creature off with grenades, Jill managed to give it a huge electrical shock from a fallen street light, sending it back where it came from.

Just When She Thought She'd Escaped...

After escaping the park, Jill was crossing a suspension bridge when she once again came across the appropriately named Nemesis. Not only was there no way to win, there was no place to run either. Having no other choice, she gritted her teeth and jumped off the bridge into the river, which then swept her along to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. Fortunately, Carlos had made his way there. Unfortunately, no sooner had they been reunited than Jill learned that missiles would be fired on the city at dawn to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

This factory also had to be the property of Umbrella. In which case, there might also be another escape route here just waiting to be found. She and Carlos decided to split up and look for it separately. Jill's first step was to deactivate the security measures that prevented them from freely exploring the factory.

Waste Disposal

Jill made her way into the waste disposal room, but the room's system activated and she found herself trapped inside. From behind her, Nemesis appeared once more. It had been waiting here to ambush her.

Using the gas from the pipes and all the ammunition she could spare, Jill somehow managed to stop Nemesis in its tracks. With a card key she found on the body of one of the dead lab workers, she escaped the room by the skin of her teeth. Even if Nemesis was still alive, he was sure to be dissolved by all the chemicals in that room. It was a fitting way to dispose of that living waste matter.

Suddenly, a warning rang out around the factory. The missiles were drawing near. Jill headed for the disposal center. Along the way, she discovered an old friend in an open locker: the 4-round portable rocket launcher. This was the same kind of weapon that allowed her and Chris to bury Tyrant at the end of the Mansion Incident.

Nowhere Left To Run

Jill entered the factory control room, and from the window she saw a military helicopter. In the pilot's seat was Nicholai. It was clear he was trying to escape on his own. Jill called him on the radio and demanded that he cooperate with them, but Nicholai still had no intention of doing so. Infact, he revealed to her that he had been assassinating his teammates for a special reward, and that there was even a small price on Jill's head. And so, to collect on those rewards, he aimed the helicopter's machine guns at the room Jill was standing in.

But then, Nicholai realized that high-powered missiles were approaching the city, and he stopped his attack and proceeded with his selfish plan to escape. When Carlos came running in to see what had been happening, Jill informed him that their one means of escape, the helicopter, had now been stolen by Nicholai. Once the missiles detonated, the factory, as well as the whole city, would be gone without a trace. The end was clearly drawing near.

Even so, Carlos refused to give up. "There must be another way. I'm sure as hell not giving up the ghost just yet." His refusal to back down reminded Jill of her time at the mansion. She knew she could never give up hope until the very end.

The Bio-Weapon's Tenacity

While listening to the factory's emotionless warnings, Jill tried to exit via its back entrance and arrived at the incinerator room. There was a machine in there that Jill had never seen before. Checking over the files she had picked up during her journey, she learned that it was a new type of rail gun developed by the U.S. military called Paracelsus' Sword. And in the corner of this room lay the body of another Tyrant.

At that moment, a huge creature came crashing through the ceiling. Upon devouring the Tyrant's corpse, the grotesquely swelling creature began another drastic transformation. There was no mistake. This was Nemesis, transformed into what had to be its final form.

Jill readied her rocket launcher, but kept retreating. If she could insert the slots in the battery on the wall, it would activate the electromagnetic weapon in the room. While holding Nemesis back with the rocket launcher, Jill kept charging the battery. Groaning to life, the electromagnetic weapon let loose a mighty flash that devastated the mountain of garbage in front of it and blew the final mutation of Nemesis into hundreds of bloody chunks.

Jill finally discovered an elevator leading to the outside, but then heard something moving behind her. It was a piece of the exploded Nemesis, still crawling towards her, determined to fulfil its mission. Picking up the nearby Magnum Revolver, Jill delivered the final blow.

She would never stop until she had done the same to all of Umbrella's creations.

Last escape

Having escaped the factory, Jill surveyed her surroundings, but saw only scrap and garbage. There was no car here, and no helicopter. There was nothing she could use to escape. She quietly resigned herself to her fate.

Then she heard Carlos calling her. He said that after requesting aid on the radio, someone who said he had been searching for Jill agreed to come to their rescue. Before she could grasp the new, happy situation, another helicopter appeared overhead and began its descent towards her. She boarded it with Carlos, and the helicopter rushed outside the city limits. When she thanked the man in the pilot seat, a familiar bearded face turned towards her. At just that moment, a large shock hit the helicopter, and the city below them disappeared with a flash and a blast.

Raccoon City had officially been wiped clear off the map. All the innocent civilians, her old colleagues... all of them were now gone. Having been fortunate enough to escape, Jill was now filled with regret and anger.

I'm through running away. From now on, Umbrella will be the ones doing the running.