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Jill Valentine is a video game character in the Resident Evil survival horror series. She is one of the two selectable protagonists in the original Resident Evil, where is she is introduced as an operative of the fictional law enforcing task force S.T.A.R.S. and a member of the unit's Alpha Team in charge of "Rear Security" and specializes in bomb disposal (an ability she acquired as a Delta Force operative). She would return as the protagonist Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, where she is no longer a member of S.T.A.R.S., but merely a citizen trying to survive the viral outbreak in Raccoon City. She has been played by Lisa Faye (credited as Inezh) in the original Resident Evil, Catherine Disher in Resident Evil 3 and by Heidi Anderson in the GameCube version of the original game.

She is one of the most prominent characters in the franchise, appearing in other Capcom games in the form of a cameo or a crossover appearance. Jill is notable for being the first major game character to appear in the Resident Evil films with her appearance in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which a loose adaptation of Resident Evil 3, where she is played by Sienna Guillory.


Jill Valentine made her first appearance as one of the two selectable protagonists in the original Resident Evil along with male lead Chris Redfield. The premise of the first revolves around Alpha Team's attempt to escape a zombie-infested mansion. Jill's half of the game differs from Chris in terms of difficulty. In addition to having a higher carrying capacity than Chris, Jill is also given the benefit of a lockpicking tool that allows her to unlock simple locks (Jill is referred as the "Master of Unlocking" by Barry in the original version of the first game), as well as a grenade launcher. However, she cannot take the same amount of damage Chris can. Jill's partner in the game is Barry Burton, Alpha Team's weapons expert. Barry helps Jill out several times, sometimes rescuing her from peril.


Jill's standard outfit is a pair of blue assault pants with a light blue formfitting shirt and body armor, completed with a blue beret on her head. In addition to her S.T.A.R.S. uniform in the first game, Jill's alternate casual outfit consisted of a cropped black t-shirt and jeans. In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, she wore a sleeveless blouse with jeans and boots as a default outfit in the game's Arranged Mode. The Saturn version of the first game also featured Jill in an alternate version of her S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

In Resident Evil 3, she wears her a blue tube top, black leather mini-skirt and a white sweater wrapped around her waist as her default outfit. This is a well-known outfit and is the outfit worn by Sienna Guillory in the second film, and is worn by Jill in Under the Skin. She has a total of five alternate outfits (eight in later versions), including her original S.T.A.R.S. uniform, an outfit that makes her resemble Regina, the heroine of the Dino Crisis series, a police uniform, a biker outfit, and a disco outfit. The Dreamcast and PC versions of Nemesis also featured two additional costumes not seen in the other versions. One was an outfit similar to her default outfit, however, the top was a blue sleeveless turtleneck with a denim skirt and black boots. The other outfit had the same color-scheme as the default, but instead of being a tube top and skirt, it was a blue blouse and black pants. The Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube featured her standard Resident Evil 3 outfit and a new military outfit modeled after Sarah Connor's outfit from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

In Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (the Nintendo DS port of the original), Jill gets to wear her original casual outfit, as well as a revealing policewoman uniform in the game's "Rebirth" mode.

During the original games' conception, Jill is notorious for going through more changes in her appearance than any other character.

Heidi Anderson's facial design and expressions were mimicked for Jill's in the remake of Resident Evil.

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