As many Resident Evil fans may remember, many years ago George A. Romero was originally slated to make the Resident Evil movie adaption. He even wrote a script, but due to differences he left the project, and we ended up with the film we have today.


The basic plot of Romero's script was fairly straightforward. In a derelict mansion in the Arklay forests B.O.W.s are being created, often without the knowledge of the scientists doing the research. After an outbreak occurs Wesker and his S.T.A.R.S are called in to rescue Dr Marcus, the head researcher, and to make sure no evidence is left behind.

Chris Redfield, a native to the Raccoon City area, wakes up one morning to discover his girlfriend Jill Valentine driving off with a bunch of people in uniform. He soon discovers that Raccoon City itself is being evacuated, and there is something terribly wrong in the forest zone. Discovering his horses and stablehand dead, and then later finding Jill's beret and assuming her also dead, he swears revenge.

At the same time Wesker's team arrives and infiltrates the mansion. Chris finds his own way inside (knowing the place well as he played there as a child) and eventually everyone meets up, including the still alive Jill. A few casualities later Wesker reveals their true purpose and the team get to work on finding Marcus.

Along the way they attacked by a variety of B.O.W.s, from the regular zombie variety, right up to sharks, Hunters, plants and enormous snakes. The casualities are heavy, and the team are often split up. The mansion's inbuilt defenses seem to be working against them as well, as the whole thing seems to be at times one giant puzzle.

Eventually the team discover Marcus is dead. However, a few scientists are still alive in the labs under the mansion, and they decide to help them get out. But not before Wesker can get what he's been looking for however, and he reveals the awesome Tyrant. Releasing it from its slumber, the remaining S.T.A.R.S. and Chris take off, taking Umbrella scientist Ada Wong with them. Barry Burton and Wesker remain to fight the Tyrant, as Wesker refuses to leave without its data. The Tyrant kills Barry, and then skewers Wesker as he tries to escape.

Elsewhere the escapees nearly reach the exit, but are also attacked by the Tyrant. Losing another member they reach the surface just in time for the Tyrant to break free and attack again. Taking a rocket launcher from the encircling helicopter, Chris fires and destroys the creature. He, Jill, Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong manage to escape just before the entire mansion goes up in flames, and Raccoon City itself is then engulfed in the ensuing fireball.

Jill & Chris

Romero decided to skip all subtlty and made Jill and Chris a couple. Chris was part of Jill's 'cover' while in Raccoon City. However, during their time together Jill had actually fallen in love with him, and her betrayal hit both of them deeply. The pair were often seen quarrelling as they made their way through the mazes of the labs underneath the mansion. It all ended well however, as both escaped and made their peace with each other, deciding to settle down together elsewhere.


CHRIS: Glad you're still here, lady.
JILL: It's my apartment.

CHRIS: Sorry. There was something wrong.
JILL: What, with my dinner? I never had a mother. I'll learn.

JILL: I wish I could get excited. Really. That's the truth. As excited as you, over such... simple things.
CHRIS: Beauty... isn't simple. If it was... I'd be beautiful.
JILL: You are.
CHRIS: No, no, no. I'm simple. You, on the other hand... have all that... stuff... hiding underneath somewhere. That's what fascinates me.
JILL: Fascination. Not love?
CHRIS: I... honestly don't know. I guess I've been... living alone too long. You're the first, the only woman I've ever thought of as... a real partner.

JILL: If this is just another drill, I'll strangle you. Shit. Give me the activation code.

WESKER: How... did you get in here?
JILL: How ya doin', Valentine? Good to see ya. Glad you're still alive. Same here, colonel, I'm...
WESKER: How did you get in here?
JILL: The same way those fuckin' dogs got out! Through their pens! I...locked them off.

WESKER: Valentine... who is this asshole?
JILL: His name is Chris Redfield. He was... part of my cover, sir.
CHRIS: Cover?
JILL: This is not the time to mouth off, Chris! You're in deep shit here!

CHRIS: Thank you.
JILL: Any time. How do we get back up?
CHRIS: Shit, if you didn't have a plan, you shouldn't have jumped down here.
JILL: We have a real problem here, Chris.

JILL: What if it's already spread? You're the only one... who knew anything about it.
ADA: But, I... know so little.
CHRIS: More than anyone else. You have... a responsibility.
JILL: To a higher command. The highest.

JILL: It's... your home.
CHRIS: I hoped... it would be our home.
JILL: I guess... we're gonna be moving.

Script Excerpts

The following are some extracts from Romero's script regarding Jill:

...a beautiful young girl, JILL VALENTINE, seems to be fast asleep. As Chris nestles in beside her, we see that her eyes, facing away, are open. Chris gently drapes an arm around her and lets his body relax.

...JILL, heavily armed in UNIFORM, wearing a beret that has an insignia... S.T.A.R.S. She rushes down the front path and jumps into a HUMMER with THREE OTHER TROOPERS on board. The vehicle pulls instantly away...

Jill leaps aside, lifting her pistol and FIRING... once, twice, three times. The man is shot in the stomach, heart, neck... but he keeps coming! Finally, Jill shoots him in the head... and he falls.

BLAM! The thing's skull explodes. JILL has jumped down onto the desk. She FIRES another accurate pistol round. The SECOND ZOMBIE falls.
Jill leaps to the floor and starts to push the desk. Chris gets to his feet, rushing in to help her. Together, they shove the desk out from under the open ceiling grate.

Jill aims at one of the hunters, pressing the trigger of her M-16, and not letting go until her clip runs out. The creature's head is turned RAGGED by the barrage... revealing an iron SUPERSTRUCTURE beneath the skin.


You can read the entire script online here.