Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Police Officers: Hold your fire, it's Valentine.
Capt Henderson: Valentine!
Jill: They're infected. I told you, shoot for the head.
L.J: Please! Somebody get this ugly bitch off of me!! Please, somebody get her! No, no, no, don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Jill: I'm leaving town, I suggest you do the same.

Jill: Move! Peyton! Peyton!
Peyton: Valentine! Hey, hey! Valentine!
Jill: Move! Police! Move!
Peyton: Hey! Let her through. Hey, glad you're here. We could use the help.

Peyton: It's okay, I got ya. Arghhhhhhhhhhh!
Jill: Move aside!

Jill: Why are you still here? You should have got out while you had the chance.
Peyton: These are our people Jill.

Jill: They won't fire. Move!

Jill: Inside, lets get under cover.

Jill: Are you alright?
Priest: What are you doing?
Jill: What's wrong?
Priest: It's my sister, she's not well.
Jill: Maybe I can help?
Priest: No!
Jill: Out of my way!
Priest: Just get out.
Jill: You're feeding her? You're sick.
Priest: Just leave us alone. Nooooo!

Jill: Peyton? Terry? Peyton!
Peyton: Shhhhh!
Jill: I know.
Peyton: I count three of them. They've got us boxed in.

Terry: Jesus!
Jill: We're gonna need more ammo. I'm out!

Alice: Move!
Jill: Who the fuck are you?

Jill: We need to find somewhere to stop for a moment.
Terry: Uh-uh, I don't think that's a good idea. There might be more of those things.
Alice: If there was more, we would have seen them by now.
Terry: So you know what they are?
Alice: They're bio-weapons. From the Umbrella labs beneath the city.
Jill: How come you know so much about Umbrella?
Alive: I used to work for them.
Peyton: Uhhh, dammit!
Jill: Hold it! What do you think you're doing?
Alice: He's wounded, the infection is spreading.
Peyton: I'm fine.
Alice: you should take care of him now. It'll be more difficult later. You know that.
Jill: No, if it comes to that, I'll take care of him myself.

Alice: There's too many of them
Jill: Lets get out of here.

Jill: Those were some pretty slick moves back there. I'm good! But I'm not that good.
Alice: You should be thankful for that.
Jill: What do you mean?

Jill: Whats he want with us?
Alice: His daughter, Angela, is trapped within the city. Umbrella was supposed to evac her but she didn't make it. She's hiding out on her school.

Alice: Precision tactical nuclear device.
Jill: What yield?
Alice: Five kilotonnes.
Jill:Fuck me.

Peyton: Not even Umbrella's capable of this.
Jill: Not capable? Peyton, you were there at the bridge. You know exactly how far Umbrella will go.

Jill: What if there is no way out of the city and he's watching us on these cameras like this is some kind of sick game? What is it?
Peyton: What's going on?
Alice: Wait.
Peyton: Sunrise ain't gonna wait.
Alice: No, there's something down there.
Jill: Where?
Alice: There.
Peyton: I don't see anything.
Alice: Well that doesn't alter the fact that there is something down there.
Peyton: I'm getting sick of this bullshit!
Jill: Peyton!!! Noooooo!!!

Terry: Look, I'm sorry about your friend.
Jill: Lets just get to the school and find this kid. Peyton!!!

Terry: Stop!
L.J: I'm not one of those things! Hey! Remember me? Look, I haven't been bitten or anything, look.
Jill: Climb aboard.

Jill: We're gonna have to split up to search this place.
Terry: Forget it, forget it! I'm not going out there by myself.
L.J: I can go with you.
Jill: You - take the first floor. You - take the second. I'll take the basement.
Terry: I've never shot a gun before.
Jill: There's nothing to it. Try to hit them in the head.

Jill: Terry?
Angela: You can't help her, not now. I've seen what they do.
Jill: Are you Angela?
Angela: Yes. We should hurry before they come back.
Jill: Hold this.

Jill: Angela Ashford, huh? That's a pretty grown-up name for a little girl.
Angela: I'm not a little girl. Besides, all my friends call me Angie.
Jill: Angie, huh? I like that.
Angela: Those things are in here.
Jill: It's okay honey, they're slow. We can run round them.
Angela: No, not them. Them!
Jill: Get back.

Nicholai: Thought you might need a hand.
Jill: You work for Umbrella?
Nicholai: Used to. Till they left us for dead in this place. Now I consider myself freelance. Sergeant Nicholai Ginovaef at your service.

Angela: Come on
Jill: Wait! Angie!
Nicholai: Save the girl! I've got this bitch.

Jill: From now on, stay right beside me.
Angela: It's blocked. What do we do now?
Jill: Wait here. Eyes. Okay.

Angela: Thankyou.
Jill: You two know each other?
Alice: She's infected. She's infected on a massive level.
Jill: How can you know that?
Angela: Because she is too.
Jill: You're infected? When were you gonna tell us that?

Alice: It's the anti-virus. The cure to the T-virus.
Jill: There's a cure?

L.J: Don't shoot! Don't shoot! He's cool. He made a deal with Dr Doom, same as you.
Jill: How many of you guys are there?

Jill: Here, tape the story. I'll see that it gets put to good use.

Jill: Angie get down!

Jill: Get up!

Jill: Thankyou gentlemen, we'll take over from here.

Dr Isaacs: Program Alice activated.
Jill: What did they do to you?