The Jill Valentine Fanlisting

What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject. In other words, it's just a listing of names of people who like a certain subject, nothing more, nothing less. This particular fanlisting is for the movie character Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series.

Why a fanlisting for Jill Valentine?

Because Jill is my favourite female character from the Resident Evil series. I adore her, I love her character, I love the fact that she is an amazingly strong and determined woman who doesn't need to rely on the so called "stronger sex" to get her through dangerous situations. If I could be any character in the RE series I would choose her, not to mention the fact that she is extremely beautiful and kicks major ass in a mini skirt.

Does it cost anything to join?

Absolutely not. We are just a fanlisting, nothing more, nothing less. We list the names of people who are fans of Jill Valentine, to show support for this great character and to see just how many fans there are out there. It costs nothing to list your name.

Will I be spammed?

Absolutely not. All email addresses are protected from spam, but if you're still worried you can also choose to hide your email address on the join form when you sign up. The only email you will ever receive from this site is a note letting you know that you have been added, or letting you know when this site has moved.

Why do you need my email then?

For the above reason. If this site moves, or something else comes up, I need to be able to contact you. It's very unlikely I should need to, but just in case. Plus it lets me know that you're a real person, not just a spambot signing up.

If you still have questions about what a fanlisting is, please feel free to email me with your queries.