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Last Escape was created on the 22nd June 2006 by Candy Justine. It is currently a work in progress and will be constantly updated until I feel it is finally complete. Why the name Last Escape? Well during Resident Evil 3, Jill says "This is my last chance, my last escape" and I thought it suited the site perfectly ;)

Please note that the fanlisting section of this site only covers the movie version of Jill Valentine. I include the game version on this site for comparison and obviously because I am a huge fan

Obviously, I don't own anything at all remotely related to Jill Valentine, Resident Evil or Capcom in general. They are all copyright to Capcom, this is simply a non-profit fansite hoping to educate and entertain, and maybe bring in some new fans as well. I repeat, no money is made from this site, and I don't know anyone who does or has worked for Capcom.