Jill Valentine
The Game Version

All the nitty gritty information you never realised you needed to know about our S.T.A.R.S. extraordinaire. Detailing just who she is, what she does, who she gets along with, where to find her, what she looks like, various interpretations of her, the whole shebang, it's all here.

The Master Of Unlocking

» biography ; basic info and personality
» history ; a run-down of Jill's life as we know it
» official profiles ; descriptions from official sources
» wikipedia profile ; what the wiki has to say
» voice actors ; the women behind Jill's voice
» appearance list ; where you can find Jill
» trivia ; random tidbits
» name ; info on the meaning behind her name
» googlism ; what Googlism has to say

Game Play

» games ; info on the games Jill is in
» game files ; in-game file mentions
» diary ; Jill's secret journal


All of the visual and computery stuff about our favourite woman. 1000s of pictures to browse, desktop stuff to decorate with, computer stuff to download, fan-made creations to admire and much more.

The Visual & Audio

» gallery ; 1000s of pictures from all media
» music videos ; cutscenes edited with good music

The Extras

» wallpapers ; for your desktop
» avatars ; for message boards, Livejournal etc
» donated icons ; submitted by the fans
» buddy icons ; for messengers, AOL etc
» fanart ; art from the fans
» captions ; funny captions to even funnier pictures
» adoptables ; sprites from around the internet
» fan crafts ; funky handmade Jill crafts